National Origin in Tract 000100, Macon County, Georgia (Tract)

Citizenship and National Origin#1

Percentage of the total popoulation.
Scope: population of Macon County and Tract 000100
Tract 000100
Macon County
0%20%40%60%80%CountCitizen, US-BornCitizen, Territory-BornCitizen, Territory-B…1Citizen, Born Abroad2Citizen, NaturalizedNot Citizen99.656020%96.908855%99.656020%99.7%2,0280.000000%0.000000%0.0%0.303337%00.343980%0.202224%0.343980%0.3%70.000000%0.000000%0.0%1.119457%00.000000%0.000000%0.0%1.466127%0

National Origin by Tract in Macon County

There are 4 tracts in Macon County. This section compares Tract 000100 to all of the tracts in Macon County and to those entities that contain or substantially overlap with Tract 000100.

Born in the USA by Tract#2

Percentage of the total population that was born in the United States.1
Scope: population of Tract 000100, selected other tracts in Macon County, and entities that contain Tract 000100
0%20%40%60%80%Count#000100Tract 000100000300Tract 000300Macon County School DistrictMacon CountyMacon CountyMacon000200Tract 000200000400Tract 000400GeorgiaSouthUnited States of AmericaUnited StatesSouth Atlantic99.656020%99.656020%99.7%2,028197.702877%97.702877%97.7%4,551296.908855%96.908855%96.9%13,41813.4k96.908855%96.908855%96.9%13,41813.4k96.028682%96.028682%96.0%1,741395.468165%95.468165%95.5%5,098488.812158%88.812158%88.8%8,969,4248.97M86.933278%86.933278%86.9%104,107,575104M85.271589%85.271589%85.3%271,639,606272M85.129478%85.129478%85.1%53,222,27153.2M

Continent of Birth by Tract#3

Foreign born1 as a percentage of the total population.
Scope: population of Tract 000100, selected other tracts in Macon County, and entities that contain Tract 000100
0%2%4%6%8%10%12%Count#United States of AmericaUnited StatesSouth AtlanticSouthGeorgia000400Tract 000400000200Tract 000200Macon County School DistrictMacon CountyMacon CountyMacon000300Tract 000300000100Tract 0001007.079712%3.983241%1.500944%0.604051%0.077288%13.245236%13.2%42,193,78142.2M7.959602%2.764749%1.304441%0.770715%0.036902%12.836410%12.8%8,025,2218.03M7.373865%2.522254%0.942202%0.624660%0.038741%11.501722%11.5%13,773,97013.8M5.183824%2.849073%0.891030%0.890951%0.033507%9.848386%9.8%994,620995k2.865169%0.692884%0.187266%0.000000%0.000000%3.745318%3.7%20013.695532%0.000000%0.000000%0.000000%0.000000%3.695532%3.7%6721.697241%0.751119%0.072223%0.036112%0.028889%2.585584%2.6%3581.697241%0.751119%0.072223%0.036112%0.028889%2.585584%2.6%3581.760412%0.107342%0.085874%0.000000%0.000000%1.953628%2.0%9130.000000%0.000000%0.000000%0.000000%0.000000%0.000000%0.0%04


This page discusses the citizenship status and place of birth of the residents of Tract 000100. In all cases, including citizenship status, the results are based solely on survey responses and were not further verified.

  • Citizen, US-Born: a person that was born in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico and other outlying areas
  • Citizen, Territory-Born: born in Puerto-Rico or a US outlying area
  • Citizen, Born Abroad: born abroad of American parents
  • Citizen, Naturalized: not a citizen at birth, but has become one since
  • Not Citizen: foreign born non-citizen, regardless of formal immigration status

These definition were taken directly from the US Census Bureau, and reflect respondents status at the time of the survey.

For additional information about the data presented on this site, including our sources, please see the About Page.

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