Population of West Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (Neighborhood)

Map of Population by Tract in West Las Vegas

Population Density Population by Tract#1

Population per square mile of land (excluding water areas):

Population Population by Tract#2

Total population:
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Map of Population by Block Group in West Las Vegas

Population Density Population by Block Group#3

Population per square mile of land (excluding water areas):

Population Population by Block Group#4

Total population:
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Map of Population by Block in West Las Vegas

Population Density Population by Block#5

Population per square mile of land (excluding water areas):

Population Population by Block#6

Total population:
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Population by Neighborhood in Las Vegas

There are 24 neighborhoods in Las Vegas. This section compares West Las Vegas to all of the neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Total Population by Neighborhood#7

Scope: population of West Las Vegas and selected other neighborhoods in Las Vegas
0k50k100k150k200k#Paradise NeighborhoodParadiseSunrise Manor NeighborhoodSunrise ManorCentennial Hills NeighborhoodCentennial HlsLone Mountain NeighborhoodLone MountainMichael Way NeighborhoodMichael WaySummerlin North NeighborhoodSummerlin NNorth Cheyenne NeighborhoodN CheyenneRancho Charleston NeighborhoodRancho CharlestonEast Las Vegas NeighborhoodE Las VegasThe Lakes NeighborhoodThe LakesWest Las Vegas NeighborhoodW Las VegasSheep Mountain NeighborhoodSheep MtnTule Springs NeighborhoodTule SpringsSunrise NeighborhoodSunriseBuffalo NeighborhoodBuffaloHuntridge NeighborhoodHuntridgeCultural Corridor NeighborhoodCultural CorridorDesert Shores NeighborhoodDesert ShoresDowntown NeighborhoodDowntownKyle Canyon NeighborhoodKyle CanyonTwin Lakes NeighborhoodTwin LakesDowntown East NeighborhoodDowntown EastMeadows Village NeighborhoodMdws VlgLas Vegas Wash NeighborhoodLas Vegas Wash214,146.000000214,146.000000214.15k1192,022.000000192,022.000000192.02k252,160.00000052,160.00000052.16k351,007.00000051,007.00000051.01k450,535.00000050,535.00000050.54k550,072.00000050,072.00000050.07k639,277.00000039,277.00000039.28k736,965.00000036,965.00000036.97k832,866.00000032,866.00000032.87k930,234.00000030,234.00000030.23k1021,234.00000021,234.00000021.23k1118,928.00000018,928.00000018.93k1218,805.00000018,805.00000018.81k1318,730.00000018,730.00000018.73k1417,158.00000017,158.00000017.16k1516,220.00000016,220.00000016.22k1615,689.00000015,689.00000015.69k1714,864.00000014,864.00000014.86k1811,953.00000011,953.00000011.95k1911,372.00000011,372.00000011.37k2010,944.00000010,944.00000010.94k219,402.0000009,402.0000009.40k222,660.0000002,660.0000002.66k2388.00000088.0000000.09k24

Population Density by Neighborhood#8

People per square mile (excluding waters).
Scope: population of West Las Vegas and selected other neighborhoods in Las Vegas
0k1k2k3k4k5k6k7k8k9k#East Las Vegas NeighborhoodE Las VegasDowntown East NeighborhoodDowntown EastSunrise NeighborhoodSunriseMichael Way NeighborhoodMichael WayCultural Corridor NeighborhoodCultural CorridorHuntridge NeighborhoodHuntridgeWest Las Vegas NeighborhoodW Las VegasDowntown NeighborhoodDowntownThe Lakes NeighborhoodThe LakesRancho Charleston NeighborhoodRancho CharlestonTwin Lakes NeighborhoodTwin LakesSunrise Manor NeighborhoodSunrise ManorDesert Shores NeighborhoodDesert ShoresLone Mountain NeighborhoodLone MountainParadise NeighborhoodParadiseNorth Cheyenne NeighborhoodN CheyenneBuffalo NeighborhoodBuffaloCentennial Hills NeighborhoodCentennial HlsMeadows Village NeighborhoodMdws VlgTule Springs NeighborhoodTule SpringsSheep Mountain NeighborhoodSheep MtnKyle Canyon NeighborhoodKyle CanyonSummerlin North NeighborhoodSummerlin NLas Vegas Wash NeighborhoodLas Vegas Wash9,690.8757019,690.8757019.69k19,071.2384009,071.2384009.07k29,039.1733369,039.1733369.04k38,996.3422958,996.3422959.00k48,495.5974088,495.5974088.50k56,437.4824586,437.4824586.44k66,298.4287356,298.4287356.30k76,259.9162556,259.9162556.26k86,061.1303346,061.1303346.06k95,908.8547555,908.8547555.91k105,757.3727375,757.3727375.76k115,464.0478045,464.0478045.46k125,179.1253445,179.1253445.18k134,901.1311004,901.1311004.90k144,890.8377394,890.8377394.89k154,702.0052974,702.0052974.70k164,112.3659474,112.3659474.11k173,122.0182713,122.0182713.12k182,705.3499272,705.3499272.71k192,555.2019002,555.2019002.56k202,334.1060612,334.1060612.33k212,094.1084872,094.1084872.09k221,995.1073581,995.1073582.00k236.8629986.8629980.01k24


This page reports on the population distribution in West Las Vegas, both in terms of raw head counts, and in terms of population density per square mile.

  • Population: count of all residents of the given entity at the time of the survey, excluding visitors
  • Population Density: population divided by the total land area of the entity (i.e., excluding water areas contained in the entity)

Unlike the other geographical entities detailed on this site, neighborhoods are not recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau. To overcome this we have computed reasonable estimates of the same statistics that are presented for other the entity types. Each statistic is computed as the weighted sum or average of the census tracts or block groups that overlap the neighborhood. A weighted sum is used for counts of people or households, and a weighted average is used for statistics that are themselves some form of average, such as median household income. Census block groups are preferred when the statistic in question is available on the block group level. The weight for a given tract (or block group) is computed as the population of the census tabulation blocks that occupy the intersection between the tract and the neighborhood as a fraction of the total population of the neighborhood.

For additional information about the data presented on this site, including our sources, please see the About Page.

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