Food Stamps in Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia (Neighborhood)

Income On and Off Food Stamps#1

Median income among households that do and do not receive food stamps.
Scope: households in Hampton and Langley Air Force Base
Langley Air Force Base
$0k$20k$40k$60k$80kCountAllNot On Food Stamps$92,946.000000$49,890.000000$92,946.000000$92.9k123$92,946.000000$55,075.000000$92,946.000000$92.9k123

Characteristics of Households Not Receiving Food Stamps#2

Households with given characteristics as a percentage of all households that do not receive food stamps.
Scope: households in Hampton and Langley Air Force Base
Langley Air Force Base
0%10%20%30%40%50%%ChildrenSingle MomMarriedDisability1Over 601Poverty256.424581%25.332560%56.424581%56.4%100.000%100%5.586592%8.118969%5.586592%5.6%100.000%100%50.837989%15.015151%50.837989%50.8%100.000%100%4.469274%23.067500%4.469274%4.5%100.000%100%3.351955%36.778200%3.351955%3.4%100.000%100%3.351955%9.053790%3.351955%3.4%100.000%100%

Map of Food Stamps by Tract in Langley Air Force Base

Food Stamps Food Stamps by Tract#3

Percentage of households (%):
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Food Stamps by Neighborhood in Hampton

There are 11 neighborhoods in Hampton. This section compares Langley Air Force Base to all of the neighborhoods in Hampton and to those entities that contain or substantially overlap with Langley Air Force Base.

Most Food Stamps by Neighborhood#4

Food Stamp recipients as a percentage of all households.
Scope: population of Langley Air Force Base, selected other neighborhoods in Hampton, and entities that contain Langley Air Force Base
0%5%10%15%20%Count#Downtown NeighborhoodDowntownAberdeen NeighborhoodAberdeenPhoebus NeighborhoodPhoebusNorth King St NeighborhoodNorth King StBuckroe NeighborhoodBuckroeGreater Wythe NeighborhoodGreater WytheSouthSouth AtlanticHampton CityHamptonHamptonHampton City Public SchoolsHamptonUnited States of AmericaUnited StatesMercury Central NeighborhoodMercury CntrlVirginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport News Metro AreaVirginia BeachVirginiaMagruder Area NeighborhoodMagruder AreaNorthampton NeighborhoodNorthamptonFoxhill NeighborhoodFoxhillLangley Air Force Base NeighborhoodLangley Air Forc…20.475295%20.475295%20.5%1,105119.747476%19.747476%19.7%1,037218.726949%18.726949%18.7%683318.290150%18.290150%18.3%986987414.882381%14.882381%14.9%914915514.761615%14.761615%14.8%843614.207441%14.207441%14.2%6,266,2326.27M13.769190%13.769190%13.8%3,206,9913.21M13.275309%13.275309%13.3%7,12313.275309%13.275309%13.3%7,12313.275309%13.275309%13.3%7,12313.049135%13.049135%13.0%15,360,95115.4M10.833240%10.833240%10.8%586587710.793718%10.793718%10.8%68,72968.7k9.434311%9.434311%9.4%291,537292k8.587407%8.587407%8.6%37938086.553638%6.553638%6.6%57194.378842%4.378842%4.4%165166100.000000%0.000000%0.0%011


  • Food Stamps: formally called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a program to provide monetary assistance to low income households for the purpose of purchasing food

Unlike the other geographical entities detailed on this site, neighborhoods are not recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau. To overcome this we have computed reasonable estimates of the same statistics that are presented for other the entity types. Each statistic is computed as the weighted sum or average of the census tracts or block groups that overlap the neighborhood. A weighted sum is used for counts of people or households, and a weighted average is used for statistics that are themselves some form of average, such as median household income. Census block groups are preferred when the statistic in question is available on the block group level. The weight for a given tract (or block group) is computed as the population of the census tabulation blocks that occupy the intersection between the tract and the neighborhood as a fraction of the total population of the neighborhood.

For additional information about the data presented on this site, including our sources, please see the About Page.

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