Overview of Kansas City, Missouri (City)



Metro Area:

Armour Hills, Arnour Fields, Ashland Ridge, Bannister Ares, Beacon Hills, Bleheim Square - Research Hospital, Blue Hills, Blue Hills Estates, Blue Valley Industrial, Blue Vue Hills, Bonne Hills, Bridlespur, Broadway Gillham, Brown Estates, Central Blue Valley - Park Tower Grade, Central Business District - Downtown, Central Hyde Park, Chapel, Citadel, Coleman Highlands, Country Club Plaza, Country Lane Estates, Country Valley - Hawthorn Square, Crown Center, Cunningham Ridge, East Blue Valley, East Community Team North, East Community Team South, East Meyer 6, East Meyer 7, East Sqope Highlands, Eastern 49-63, Eastwood Hill East, Eastwood Hills West, Faireway Hills, Fairlane, Fairwood and Robandee, Foxcroft and Glen Arbor, Foxtown East, Greenway Fields, Hanover Place, Hickman Mills, Hickman Mills South, Hidden Valley, Highview Estates, Hillcrest, Holmes Park, Independence Plaza, Ingleside, Ivanhoe Northeast, Ivanhoe Southeast, Key Coalition, Kirkside, Knoches Park, Lea Manor, Legacy East, Lewis Heights, Linden Hills and Indian Heights, Linwood Homeowner - Ivanhoe, Little Blue Valley, Loma Vista, Longfellow, Lykins, Manheim Park, Marlborough East, Marlborough Heights - Marlborough Pride, Martin City, Mission Lake, Morningside, Mount Hope, Norble and Gregory Ridge, North Blue Ridge, North Hyde Park, North India Mound, North Town Fork Creek, Northest Industrial District, Oak Meyer Gardens, Oak Park Northwest, Oak Park Southeast, Oak Park Southwest, Oakwood, Old Westport, Oldham Farms, Palestine East, Palestine West and Oak Park Northeast, Park Farms, Pendleton Heights, Pitcher, Plaza Westport, Red Bridge North, Red Ridge South, Richards Gebaur, Riss Lake, River Market, Roanoke, Robandee South, Rolling Meadows, Romanelli West, Royal Oaks, Ruskin Heights, Ruskin Hills, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Hills, Sarritt Point, Self Help Neighborhood Council, Sheffield, South Blue Valley, South Hyde Park, South India Mound, South Plaza, South Town Fork Creek, Southmoreland, Squier Park, St. Catherine's Gardens, Stanford Estates, Stanford Gardens, Stayton Meadows, Sterling Acres, Sunset Hill, Sunset Hill West, Swope Park Campus, Swope Parkway - Elmwood, Timber Valley, Tower Homes, Union Hill, Unity Ridge, Valentine, Verona Hills, Vineyard, Vineyard Northwest, Volker, Waldo Homes, Ward Parkway, Ward Parkway Plaza, Washington Weatley, Wendell Phillips, West Blue Township, West Blue Valley, West Plaza, West Waldo, Western 49-63, Western Hills, Westside North, Westside South, Westwood, White Oak, Willow Creek, Woodbridge, Wornall Homestead

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