Household Income in ZIP Code 19477, Pennsylvania (ZIP Code)

Map of Household Income by Tract in ZIP Code 19477

Median Household Income by Tract#1

Median household income ($):

20th Percentile Household Income by Tract#2

20th percentile of household income ($):

Mean of the Top 5% Household Income by Tract#3

Mean household income of the top 5% of households ($):

Gini Index Household Income by Tract#4

Gini Index of income inequality (larger Gini Index means more inequality) (%):
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  • Household Income: total income from all people in the household
  • Median: in terms of income, it is the income for which 50% of households have a lower income, and 50% have a higher income
  • Percentile: for example, the 80th percentile of household income is the income for which 80% of household have a lower income and 20% have a higher income
  • Quintile: a quintile is 20% of a population, grouped by percentile; for example, the 2nd quintile is all members of a population between the 20th and 40th percentiles
  • Gini Index: a statistical measure of how unevenly income is distributed in a population (ranging from 0% to 100%, the higher the number, the greater the inequality)

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