Household Types in ZIP Code 23709, Virginia (ZIP Code)

Household Types by Race#1

Percentage of households.
Scope: households in Virginia and ZIP Code 23709
Other Non-Family1
Single Male2
Single Female2


According to the US Census definition, a household consists of all the people who occupy a housing unit. This page reports on the types of households in ZIP Code 23709. The following definitions are used in this page:

  • Family: a group of two or more people related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together
  • Married: a husband and wife that are part of the same household1
  • Single Female: female householder, no husband present, with other family members in the household
  • Single Male: male householder, no wife present, with other family members in the household
  • One Person: householder living alone
  • Other Non-Family: householder living with other people that are not family members

1as defined by the US Census Bureau (please direct comments and complaints to them)

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